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WUM Health Sciences Top Ranked

On June 19, MBA programs in Healthcare Management Rankings were announced and SGH-WUM MBA program was top ranked while WUM’s Faculty of Health Sciences placed second. 

The organizer of the ranking were the Polish magazine Menedżer Zdrowia (Healthcare Manager) and the publisher Termedia. The ranking system was based on a survey which asked current MBA students about the quality of education, lecturers’ professional experience in the field, research potential, tuition fees, number of credit hours including classes and individual consultations. The survey also gathered information about the ratio of lecturers to practical classes; faculty to students; and, about the quality of faculty (number of citations in the Web of Science database).

WUM’s Faculty of Health Sciences was ranked based on a questionnaire surveying the quality of faculty (number of citations in the Web of Science database); the enrollment rate in the first and second cycle studies in comparison to the overall student enrollment in health sciences. Universities were also asked about the possibilities of e-learning and internal verification of faculty.

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